"There were all of these little details like making sure all of the candles were lit and assuring that all of our little signs were in the right place. Sheryl came in and I felt totally confident that she got it, she was on it, and it was going to look good."  - Lauren + Jordan

"​​Because you were there taking care of everything I was able to enjoy every aspect of our daughter's wedding day instead of running around, stressed out and overwhelmed with all the details and figuring out the schedule.  Many of my friends have told me, after seeing all you did, that if they were to do their own daughter's wedding again they would put hiring a wedding coordinator at the top of their list of "must haves."  I concur!  Stay tuned for daughter #2.  There is so much to thank you for.  Thanks for running the rehearsal, for double checking on the caterers, for all the suggestions about decor, and for making sure the reception got set up exactly right.  Thank you for reminding us the set up crew would need food during the day, for your great sense of timing and knowing when to do what at the reception. Thanks for helping with the cleanup and making sure we got our full deposit back at the end of the night, and thank you for being the one with the five page clipboard so I didn't have to carry it!   But mostly, Sheryl,  thanks for making sure that my daughter's hopes and dreams got realized, and for having the perfect sunny, gracious (and organized!) personality because it was so much fun to work with you.  You added to the day just by being there."   -Mother of the Bride, Betty     

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"Sheryl was an invaluable part of our wedding day and it would not have been possible for my family, friends and I to have such a wonderful and relaxed experience if she hadn’t been there!  There are many things to save on when planning a wedding, but I learned that a wedding coordinator is one of those vital expenses. All the hopes and dreams for our wedding day were realized and I truly believe it would not have been possible without Sheryl’s help!"  -  Liz + Dave

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"I can truly say we don’t know what we would have done without her and that our wedding would have been a bit of a circus without Sheryl.  Thanks to Sheryl I was able to just be a bride without a care in the world on the “Best day of my life”.  - Amy + Jeromy

Wedding & Event Planning | Design | Coordination