Sheryl made sure that the day followed all my careful planning and also used her great sense of timing, quick decision-making and experience to make appropriate adjustments based on what was happening in the moment. She made smart choices like starting the ceremony a little later to accommodate some late arriving guests, helped the flower girl and ring bearers get to the start of the aisle, tracked down the family members we needed to find for photos, and made sure that we got our deposit back from the venue at the end of the night.  She was able to run the big things and at the same time assist in small decorating touches. Along with being organized, cheerful, and detail-oriented she has an excellent sense of aesthetics and décor. She brought many other special, extra touches to our day, like arranging for my husband and I to take a box of food and cake with us at the end of the night so we got to eat good food after the party was over!" - Liz, 

Dave + Elizabeth - May 23

"We were so blessed that Sheryl of Hot Pink Shoes coordinated our rehearsal and wedding day! I have heard from other brides that their wedding day was a “blur” and that it was so busy and crazy they barely had a second to breathe or take in the moments. I am so happy that our day was nothing like that! Sheryl’s help meant our wedding was stress-free, joyful, and exactly how we wanted it. It felt easy, not just for Dave and me but also for our family, our friends, the caterers, bartenders, and other vendors.

Sheryl worked tirelessly all day, running the setup, formal pictures, ceremony, food, speeches and dances and staying until the very end to make sure everything was boxed up, cleaned, and put away. Sheryl has a wonderful way of connecting with people and setting them at ease. She made sure that everyone was in the right place at the right time without causing anything to feel rushed. She seemed to be in every place at once! I loved how Sheryl made sure to communicate with me throughout the wedding, but beyond that I didn’t have to think about anything except the happiness of the day.                        

Hot Pink Shoes