Happy Couples

​Dave + Elizabeth - May 23

"We were so blessed that Sheryl of Hot Pink Shoes coordinated our rehearsal and wedding day! I have heard from other brides that their wedding day was a “blur” and that it was so busy and crazy they barely had a second to breathe or take in the moments. I am so happy that our day was nothing like that! Sheryl’s help meant our wedding was stress-free, joyful, and exactly how we wanted it. It felt easy, not just for Dave and me but also for our family, our friends, the caterers, bartenders, and other vendors.
Sheryl worked tirelessly all day, running the setup, formal pictures, ceremony, food ... Read more

Jordan + Lauren - January 11

"I'm crafty and we were on a budget, so our wedding was very DIY. We spent months planning, hand writing, gluing, sewing, tying ribbons - you name it. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist, so it's hard for me to let go of the details. And I knew that on game day, there was no way I could be the bride and run the show to make sure everything came together the way I wanted it to. I was really nervous about trusting someone with the execution of all our hard work. Sheryl from Hot Pink Shoes did a phenomenal job of stepping in and making me feel like I could let go of all that, so I could focus on getting married and soaking in the day.
There were all of these little details like making sure all of the candles were lit and assuring that all of our little signs were in the right place. Sheryl came in and I felt totally confident that she got it, she was on it ... Read more

Adam + Melanie - May 28

"If you are looking for a wedding coordinator that will make the day of your wedding flow flawlessly book Hot Pink Shoes. The many hours spent with Sheryl prior to the wedding going over every little detail paid off as the day of the wedding was relaxing and enjoyable for all the wedding party and our 300 guests.

Nathan + Mary - June 18

"Hiring Sheryl was a decision we made about 4 months out from our wedding day and at the time we had no idea what a blessing she would turn out to be. Sheryl was extremely detail oriented, timely and incredibly kind to us and everyone she interacted with on the wedding day. If you're planning a wedding, I'm telling you, you need her. She doesn't miss a detail which allowed us to be present with our friends and family and fully take in the day. She was 100% worth the investment!!! "

Russell + Lynne - August 20

"Sheryl Ray has been a tremendous help getting us started on our Wedding planning. We were starting from zero experience in planning such an important event and had very little idea on how to get started. She had great suggestions about our venue (our house/back yard), caterers, etc. She was also great at gently nudging us from some rookie type mistakes. She provided us with a timeline starting point to help us get organized and with her help, we've been more confident ... Read more

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Zack + Jenny  - March 20

"Sheryl was hands down the best money we spent on our wedding. This woman is worth her weight in gold. I can't tell you how many times in the month or so before our wedding my husband and I said "thank God for Sheryl!" We had a fairly DIY wedding and were feeling overwhelmed with the details about six weeks beforehand, so we gave in and decided to look into hiring a day-of planner. The moment we met with Sheryl we knew we wanted to hire her. We started very late (apparently day-of coordination actually involves the three months or so before the wedding - who knew?). She was extremely flexible with us in creating the perfect service "package" ... Read More

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Nick + Kelli  - October 24

"Sheryl is simply amazing! I can't begin to list all the extra things she did to allow my now husband and I to have the best day of our lives. We loved everything about the day. Sheryl is so impressive and observant. She made things work when they weren't going right. We truly could not have done it without her, all the little things that I couldn't have controlled myself she had covered and made them go smoother than I could have myself. I'll be forever grateful for all she did. PS.. Sheryl's assistant was awesome, she did so great with the decor, it exceeded my expectations. Sheryl even sent some videos that she had taken to my husband and I. On our first morning ... Read more

​Jeromy + Amy - September 4
"My husband and I just got married Sept 4th 2015 and what a whirlwind it has been.  For most people who get married it is their first time, and therefore being your first time, you really don’t know how to plan a wedding and the ins and outs of a wedding.  In the early stages of our engagement I pondered whether we would need a day of coordinator and whether or not I could afford one.  Needless to say we ended up working with Sheryl, and boy oh boy are we glad we did. 

Sheryl was such a huge help to us and she knows weddings like the back of her hand.  She helped us from the early planning stages, putting together a day of timeline, etiquette, and simple things we didn’t ... Read more