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Jeromy + Amy - September 4th
"My husband and I just got married Sept 4th 2015 and what a whirlwind it has been.  For most people who get married it is their first time, and therefore being your first time, you really don’t know how to plan a wedding and the ins and outs of a wedding.  In the early stages of our engagement I pondered whether we would need a day of coordinator and whether or not I could afford one.  Needless to say we ended up working with Sheryl, and boy oh boy are we glad we did. 

Sheryl was such a huge help to us and she knows weddings like the back of her hand.   she helped us from the early planning stages, putting together a day of timeline, etiquette, and simple things we didn’t even think about like putting a list together of who is taking our things home at the end of the night.  Sheryl was a HUGE help before the wedding but she really put her coordinating skills to use at our rehearsal and on our big day.   At our rehearsal she made sure everyone had a schedule for the day and that everyone knew what they were supposed to do and when to do it.  On the day of our wedding Sheryl was there to make sure things got set-up correctly, and everything was ready to go.  She was there to help me get dressed along with the help of my friends.  She sees to it that you get lunch, she helped coordinate our pictures, and most of all she kept great track of the time. 

She handled every question and need with a smile on her face.  Sheryl never once blamed anyone she just handled every little hick-up quickly with grace and kindness.  Sheryl was there with us all day long, and she always found a way to sneak up to us and say “okay its time to cut the cake or its time for toasts” stuff that we would have normally have had to worry about.  I can truly say we don’t know what we would have done without her and that our wedding would have been a bit of a circus without Sheryl.  Thanks to Sheryl I was able to just be a bride without a care in the world on the “Best day of my life”.  So to anyone out there who is getting married, don’t do it without Sheryl by your side!  Sheryl worked so hard for us and we owe her the biggest thanks!"
-Amy & Jeromy