Hot Pink Shoes

Jordan + Lauren - January 11th

"I'm crafty and we were on a budget, so our wedding was very DIY. We spent months planning, hand writing, gluing, sewing, tying ribbons - you name it. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist, so it's hard for me to let go of the details. And I knew that on game day, there was no way I could be the bride and run the show to make sure everything came together the way I wanted it to. I was really nervous about trusting someone with the execution of all our hard work. Sheryl from Hot Pink Shoes did a phenomenal job of stepping in and making me feel like I could let go of all that, so I could focus on getting married and soaking in the day.

There were all of these little details like making sure all of the candles were lit and assuring that all of our little signs were in the right place. Sheryl came in and I felt totally confident that she got it, she was on it, and it was going to look good. Not to mention the bigger stuff, like the transitions 
​between the ceremony, cocktails, dinner, toasts, etc. She kept things moving, people laughing, and the mood lively and light. Our (sometimes challenging) families were charmed by her - one of them even exclaiming that they wanted to be her friend!

Sheryl was a huge part of making our big day run smoothly and beautifully. We were so thankful for all her hard work." -Lauren