Hot Pink Shoes

Nick + Kelli  - October 24th

"Sheryl is simply amazing! I can't begin to list all the extra things she did to allow my now husband and I to have the best day of our lives. We loved everything about the day. Sheryl is so impressive and observant. She made things work when they weren't going right. We truly could not have done it without her, all the little things that I couldn't have controlled myself she had covered and made them go smoother than I could have myself. I'll be forever grateful for all she did. PS.. Sheryl's assistant was awesome, she did so great with the decor, it exceeded my expectations. Sheryl even sent some videos that she had taken to my husband and I. On our first morning as husband and wife we laid in bed and got to watch the videos and relive the day right away. It was so much fun! She goes the extra mile and you won't be sorry if you hire her. We still haven't taken it all in. There is so much to say but for now, thank you Sheryl! " -Kelli